What is PreFlight?
A successful Preflight will ensure a quick launch of your title.
PreFlight is a brief but important first step in our onboarding process that is basically a trial run of your delivery that allows us to confirm that we will be able to publish the assets you deliver.

What are the steps?

Below you will find the list of assets that we will need to receive during PreFlight, depending on if you are sending us episodic or movie/singular content.

1. Asset Gathering & Preparation:
Please provide one (1) sample of each of the assets listed below during the preflight stage.

You may upload the remaining assets after the samples have been approved.

Delivery Checklist:

As Available:

2. Asset Delivery
We have created one entry for your content during this PreFlight stage.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket at and our team will be available to assist you.

3. Asset Review
Almost done! We will review the assets to ensure we can publish your content, and will provide helpful feedback if there are any roadblocks found. If necessary, we may ask you to deliver a replacement asset.

When the PreFlight is passed, we will prepare the CMS for the rest of your catalog to be uploaded.

Why do we need PreFlight?
We do not publish your content until all assets have been delivered in full. That means we need all assets to meet our delivery requirements, or we cannot publish. PreFlight allows us to confirm that the delivery requirements and procedures can be met, avoiding nearly all unnecessary delays and duplication of work. Delays during publications take significantly more time than a PreFlight check. All things considered, inclusion of a PreFlight stage amounts to the quickest route to generating revenue for your content.