Metadata is essential for discovery and engagement of your content. The information describes your property, season and each episode. This data is used for search discovery and cataloging your property.

Once your property has been approved for upload, an entry will be made in our Content Management System, known as "Manage". You will be notified when the metadata worksheets have been created for your property. These are TAB delimited files and can be read by most spreadsheet programs.

You will need to download, fill out, and submit ALL of the metadata files listed. Season metadata only needs to be supplied for episodic content, not movies. The downloadable glossary has information on what goes in each field in the metadata files.

  1. Property Metadata: The main container for your content. The title, description, and additional information about your content should go here.
  2. Season Metadata: Information for the season(s) that fall under the main property go here. You can use a unique description for your season(s), if applicable, or you can use the same description you filled out for the property.
  3. Video Metadata: Episode titles, descriptions, and additional information.

Note: There is a limit of 52 episodes per season. Episodes should begin with 1 instead of 101

Note: An episode must have a corresponding episode ID. Please do not attempt to add or remove rows in this file. If you do not have the correct number of episodes to fill out, contact Kartoon Channel Support for assistance.


Note: you must be able to save in TAB-delimited .tsv format. Numbers, a popular spreadsheet program on the Apple platform DOES NOT support saving in TAB delimited format. We recommend using Google Sheets.

Once all fields have been completed, upload the spreadsheets in Manage.


If your file has errors, please review, correct errors, and upload the file again.


If/when there are no errors, click the "Upload For Review" button.


The metadata will be reviewed by our team when your asset delivery is complete.

TV Parental Guidelines are important as it informs all our platforms about what type of content is being streamed. The field must be one of: