Cue Points

Create a list, indicating episode Number and Ad Break Cue Point timestamps in mm:ss.sss format. Separate all data with commas.

eg: SeasonEpisode, Timestamp (mmm:ss.sss), Descriptor (intro credits, outro credits, mid-roll ad cue point)

s1e1, 01:00.000, intro
s1e1, 10:22.000, mid-roll ad
s1e1, 22:21.213, outro
s1e2, 01:00.000, intro
s1e2, 10:45.012, mid-roll ad
s1e2, 25:30.000, outro

Upload via Upload Asset Files button in Manage.


Note: If the runtime of your show is greater than 8 minutes and there are no "fade to black" cut scenes that can be autodetected (100% black >1second), then the Cue Point List is required.